‘Open Days’ in vocational schools, promotion initiatives ongoing

‘Open Days’ mark an important moment in the promotion campaign for vocational schools. During this event, 9th grade students, parents, representatives of school partner companies or potential partners, representatives of local government agencies, 9-year school teachers, etc. visit the vocational school to get closely acquainted with the opportunities it offers. 

This event is part of the promotion campaign of vocational schools, launched in March. The ‘Open Days’ in partner schools of the ‘Skills for Jobs’ project (S4J) were organized during May. The daily programme varied from school to school and included a variety of activities: starting from open classes with 9th grade students, to organizing conferences with partner businesses.

During the ‘Open Day’ at ‘Hamdi Bushati’ vocational school in Shkodra, there were signed cooperation agreements with 5 new businesses. During April and May, teachers and students organized a series of activities within the school as a community center, such as visits and cooked food for the Elderly Care Home residents, lunches for children in the Orphanage, career counselling and promotion of tourist areas, etc. These activities helped the school to be promoted even further in the district of Shkodra.

Pas 6 javesh intensive, ku 800 nxenes te klasave te IX vizituan cdo dite shkollen tone, me 17 Maj permbyllet ky proces…

Posted by Shkolla e mesme profesionale "Hamdi Bushati" on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

‘The Open Day’ at the ‘Gjergj Canco’ vocational school in Tirana coincided with the 35th anniversary of the school’s establishment. The event was attended by several former students, such as Mr. Blendi Klosi, Minister of Tourism and Environment,  Mr. Andi Seferi, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Tirana, Mr. Dritan Mezini, chairman of the school board, founder of and DM Consulting Services. During this day, the first cooperation agreement for the provision of apprenticeships was signed in line with the ‘Skills for Jobs’ (S4J) model. The school is now expanding its partner network so as students can be accomodated in apprenticeships starting from September.

‘Dita e Hapur’ e Shkolla Profesionale "Teknike Elektrike Gjergj Canco " Tiranë përkoi me 35 vjetorin e krijimit të…

Posted by Aftësi për Punë S4J on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

400 students, 50 parents and a delegation with representatives from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the German – Albanian Chamber of Commerce (DIHA) visited the’Kolin Gjoka’ vocational school in Lezha.

Dita e Dyerve te Hapura ne shkollen profesionale "Kolin Gjoka".

Posted by Shkolla Profesionale "Kolin Gjoka" on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

At the ‘Kristo Isak’ vocational school in Berat, the activity continued for two days. Over 150 students visited the school. During April and May, school teachers met students of the 9th grade and their parents to inform them about the career opportunities offered by this school.

Faleminderit shkolla 5 Maj per besimin dhe per mbeshtetjen.

Posted by Shkolla e Mesme “Kristo Isak” on Friday, May 11, 2018

The Commercial School in Vlora signed a mutual cooperation agreement with 2 new partner businesses and hosted the visit of 220 students and 93 parents. During May and April, the school was visited by approximately 800 students from the 9-year schools in the city and was duly represented in  promotional activities  organized in the region of Vlora.


SUKSES I GARANTUAR "Ditet e Dyerve te Hapura" ne shkollen Tregtare, eshte eventi me i rendesishem per te promovuar jo vetem shkollen por edhe turizmin. Por me e rendesishmja e kesaj dite ishte prezenca e nxenesve te klasave te 9-ta te cilet i'u bashkuan aktiviteti duke shprehur konsiderat per t'u regjistruar ne TEMPULLIN E HISTORISE SE ARSIMIT PROFESIONAL JO VETEM NE VLORE POR NE TE GJITHE SHQIPERINE.

Posted by Shkolla Tregtare Vlore on Saturday, May 12, 2018

410 pupils and 12 parents visited the  industrial school  ‘Pavarësia’ in Vlora (SHIP). Throughout May, this school stayed ‘open’ for the community each day of the week and held various activities for 9-year school students, such as ‘Hour of Code’, ICT classes, Mechanics classes, and so on. Finally, 3 new benches produced by the SHIP students were donated to the city of Vlora.


Posted by Shkolla Industriale "Pavarsia" Vlore on Friday, May 11, 2018

The school promotion campaign does not end here. Vocational schools have opened their doors to the community and are holding various activities every day. If you want to visit one of the schools, send them a message on Facebook.

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'Open Days' mark an important moment in the promotion campaign for vocational schools. During this event, 9th grade students, parents, representatives of school partner companies or potential partners, representatives of ...
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