18-20 June 2018: training on ‘occupational health and safety’

18-20 June 2018: training on ‘occupational health and safety’

At ‘Skills for Jobs’, we work to provide qualitative practical learning and training, in line with international industry standards. For this reason, we want to ensure that the students of the project partner VET providers are familiar with and apply the rules of health and safety in the workplace.

In this context, on June 18-20, 2018, a training on ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ will be organized. Participants to the training will be teachers and instructors of technical profiles from the industrial school ‘ Pavarësia’, the ‘Gjergj Canco’ vocational school and the Public Regional Directorate of Vocational Training in Vlora.

The objective of the training is to inform the participants and build their capacities on workplace hazards, personal safety tools, first aid, confrontation with potential risk situations, such as fire, electrical sparks, etc. Teachers and instructors will then transmit the knowledge gained from the training to their students and trainees.

As preliminary work, an assessment of working environments at the industrial school ‘Pavarësia’ was carried out, in line with European standards. The training is dedicated to the profiles of Electrotechnics, Automobile Services and Mechanics.

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