Institutional Development

Institutional Development

S4J supports partner providers to establish efficient administrative structures and have a strategic management of the institution, by facilitating:

  • Strategic planning process;
  • Well-functioning of the Development Unit;
  • Well-functioning of organizational structures;
  • The process of self-assessment of the institution.

Strategic Planning

Through strategic planning, VET providers formulate their strategic vision, objectives and priorities. This improves the management process and strengthens institutions. ‘Skills for Jobs’ supports partner providers in terms of:

  • Drafting and integrating strategy documents and annual action plans for the management of the institution;
  • Conducting financial management analysis;
  • Integrating a data management system.

Development Unit

The Development Unit, initially named ‘Career Center’, is a very essential structure of vocational schools, as it is responsible for the strategic management of the institution. It consists of coordinators for each of the following functions:

  1. Career orientation/guidance
  2. Business relations
  3. Continuous professional development of teachers
  4. Curricula development
  5. Tracing of graduates
  6. Project development
  7. Marketing and promotion

‘Skills for Jobs’ supports partner institutions with capacity building of coordinators for each function as well as with the infrastructure needed for the establishment and functioning of the Development Unit.

Organizational Structures 

S4J supports partner providers in establishing consolidated internal structures, leading to a better management of the institution. Ongoing efforts are put forth especially for the school board, a key structure in ensuring the quality of what the school provides. School boards of vocational schools include 2 representatives from the private sector, one of whom is also the chairman of the board. They are essential members of the board as they bring in their experience for the school to provide students with a quality and labor market-oriented education.

Our partner institutions are provided support to increase the engagement of companies in their school boards as well as to organize better-structured and results-oriented meetings. So far, companies have made a valuable contribution, resulting in launching new educational directions with increased employability potential for youngsters.


All public Vocational Education and Training institutions conduct a self-assessment process. This process helps them assess internal and external factors that affect their work and provides accurate information about the long-term planning process of each institution.

S4J supports partner providers to conduct self-assessment; a process that was initiated in December 2018. Each institution has selected a working group, which leads and monitors the assessment using a set of instruments prepared by the UNDP project ‘Skills Development for Employment’, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Albania (SDC).