Albanian vet schools will soon benefit from an ict curriculum aligned with sector requirements

Albanian vet schools will soon benefit from an ict curriculum aligned with sector requirements

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the sectors with growth potential that the project has been focused on since the start. The number of people employed in ICT sector in Albania has increased with 15% from 2012 to 2016*. A fast-growing sector, ICT, needs employees to be qualified in a short time and at an early age.


Vocational education schools have been offering, for seven years now, qualifications limited to “Data network”, “Support to ICT users” and “Website Development”. As this curriculum was designed a long time ago, a thorough revision is needed to ensure that schools and students do not remain behind the latest developments in technology. Up-to-date knowledge and skills are imperative for ICT students and employees to be competitive in the market.


The revision of the curriculum is an important requirement that ICT companies have filed for more than 2 years, at which time ‘Skills for Jobs’ S4J has developed numerous activities in cooperation with them. As an improved VET offer is at the core of S4J’s mission, the project got involved in the process, initially to facilitate the discussion between private sector companies and the National Agency for Vocational Education, Trainings and Qualifications (NAVETQ).


The request for an up-to-date curriculum was well-received by the NAVETQ, who in the meantime had planned to initiate such process within the year. In collaboration with the NAVETQ and backed up with expertise of industry-leading ICT companies, ‘Skills for Jobs’ S4J is facilitaing and supporting the work towards an improved, up to date curriculum.


As a first step, ‘Skills for Jobs’ S4J initiated a study to find out which skills are needed in ICT sector in Albania and how does private sector picture the future qualifications in this sector. The results of the study will be shared during a validation workshop on September 7th, where representatives from the NAVETQ and the most influencing and important ICT companies in Albania will be present.

*Source: INSTAT


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