An Eventful Summer for S4J Partner VET Providers

An Eventful Summer for S4J Partner VET Providers

Summer never goes quietly for S4J partner VET providers. Let’s dive into some of the main activities of this season.

School promotion initiatives continued throughout the summer in all partner providers. Vocational “Hamdi Bushati” school in Shkodra and “Kristo Isak” in Berat organized week-long summer camps. Through engaging and fun activities, 9th grade students participating in these events were introduced to all aspects of the school life.

Students in our partner providers are very keen on protecting the surrounding environment. Vocational schools “Kolin Gjoka” in Lezha, “Kristo Isak” in Berat and industrial “Pavaresia” school in Vlora are models to follow.

New opportunities from VTC in Vlora: a new course on patisserie was delivered together with business partner “Arjoli patisserie”.

“Hamdi Bushati” school in Shkodra started exploring collaboration opportunities with international partners. 8 students of the school engaged in a 2-month long apprenticeship program in top quality restaurants in Italy.

The school also hosted an exchange visit of 10 apprentices and teachers from swiss vocational school HFT Luzern AG Führungs- und Tourismusakademie. For one week, swiss visitors visited the school and its partner businesses, where swiss and Albanian apprentices worked hand-in-hand, guided by the mentor.

“Mrizi i Zanave Agroturizëm”, key partner of “Kolin Gjoka” vocational school in Lezha shared a very genuine and inspiring dedication for the schools’ students and apprentices.

The apprenticeship is the first step to landing a job. This summer, we saw many success stories of Tretgare school students in Vlora who had landed seasonal jobs at partner businesses.

Right before the start of the new academic year, “Hamdi Bushati” school hosted a runway show in the Shkodra “Pedonale” area. Outfits designed by school students, under the supervision of teacher Rezarta Leshaj and fashion designer Ardi Asllani, were presented to the amazing Shkodra audience. The runway show aimed at raising awareness for the schools’ Textile & Fashion Design direction.

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