Are vet institutions prepared for institutional and financial autonomy?

Are vet institutions prepared for institutional and financial autonomy?

Institutional and financial autonomy is essential for the sustainable functioning of Vocational Education and Training providers in the future. Policy makers in Albania share the vision of empowered VET providers, able to efficiently manage their resources and ensure the successful performance of the institution.

Even though such autonomy is envisaged in the VET law, it is linked to many preconditions and regulatory framework that must be in place beforehand, in order for VET providers to become ready to undertake such a huge step.

For this reason, the Ministry of Finances and Economy has joined forces with foreign donors and projects to enable preconditions regarding institutional autonomy. In this light, ‘Skills for Jobs’ will support the line ministry by preparing a package with the necessary legal instructions for the financial management of the institutions and drafting bylaws and regulations regarding financial autonomy.

The project will also support partner VET providers regarding issues related to financial management. In early February, ‘Skills for Jobs’ organized a workshop with directors and financial officers from partner VET providers, facilitated by public finance experts to understand current difficulties, opportunities and further steps towards achieving full autonomy. Future initiatives will be undertaken by the project to support VET institutions in building the necessary capacities and sustainable mechanisms in this direction.

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