Bringing business into schools to make the vet offer relevant to the labour market

Bringing business into schools to make the vet offer relevant to the labour market

In order to ensure relevance between VET programmes and the labour market, it is imperative for VET providers to periodically review and adjust their offer. For this reason, in February 2019, ‘Hamdi Bushati’ school in Shkodra organized a round of meetings with representatives from the private sector, to discuss about their needs for skills and the concrete solutions the VET school can offer to answer them.

A preliminary research, conducted with the participation of former students, current students and businesses identified fashion design and leather processing as two profiles with potential for development within the textile sector. Apart from the private sector, curricula development specialists, representatives from the NAVETQ and Employment Offices were invited to the meeting to validate the results of the research.

The idea of a new profile in leather processing was well received and endorsed by private sector representatives, who immediately started to think how they can accommodate students in long term apprenticeships. As for the fashion design profile, representatives from businesses did not find it as relevant, because, for the time being, modelling is not a service offered by their companies.

Representatives from the private sector serving in the School Board played a great role in organizing these meetings and mobilizing private companies to articulate their needs for skills. The meetings are necessary to set a common ground for understanding the potential dimensions of cooperation between schools and businesses, highlighting why the industry needs to get involved and how schools can become helpful for companies.

As all S4J partner VET providers are in the process of revising their offer for the new school year, similar meetings with businesses are being organized during these months in the other regions.

If you are interested to learn more, in this document you may find an overview of the profiles currently active in S4J partner VET providers in the current academic year, as well as the profiles planned to be activated in the 2019-2020 academic year. We will keep you informed on updates!

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