Choosing careers

Choosing careers

There are many cases when parents decide to enrol their children in the VET school, despite having very few information about a certain profession or their children lacking the minimum required skills related to this profession. This directly impacts the performance of the student in the VET school and in the future, in the labour market.

To address this issue, S4J teamed up with swiss experts from Büro für Bildungsfragen to develop a set of tools, aiming at illustrating how school-based skills are applied in VET. These tools will be used during career orientation, aiming primarily pupils from secondary schools and those who want to enrol in the VET school. The information is also suitable to be shared with parents, room teachers, psychologists and VET school teachers. By describing typical situations, these audiences will learn about the necessary academic knowledge, motor skills and social skills that children must have to enter a certain profession.

For example, if a student wants to enrol in T&H and specialize in cooking, he must know basic math skills, in order to prepare for 7 people a recipe intended for 2 people.

Let’s analyse an example for another vocational direction. ICT is purely built on logic, algorithms and math. If a student doesn’t perform well in math during secondary education, chances are that if she enrols in the ICT direction in the vocational school, she won’t perform well either.

The requirement profiles will not only help students and parents set better and more clear expectations regarding the vocational school and selected, but also support schools in better managing the enrolment of new students in vocational directions.

The requirement profiles will be prepared in a participatory approach with BfB experts, teachers from VET schools, teachers from secondary education, representatives from the business sector and S4J project. Initially, the requirement profiles will be prepared for 15 professions in the T&H, ICT and economy directions and will be piloted in Vlora region.



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