Digitalization of Vocational Education and Training in Albania

Digitalization of Vocational Education and Training in Albania

From March 2022 to January 2023, the “Skills for Jobs” project implemented a series of activities that contributed to the development of partner providers’ capacities in applying new teaching methods. The primary goal of these activities was to promote the adoption of technology in new ways of teaching and learning in schools. As a result, schools received support in various forms, such as training to develop teachers’ digital skills through participation in the “Digital Pedagogy” training package, the digitization of teaching materials for five directions, and the introduction of digital focal points in partner providers. S4J’s support for policy-making institutions involved the development of “A Roadmap to ICT-Supported Modernization of Albanian VET.”

The application of pedagogical and digital skills acquired during training is facilitated by teachers’ access to digital teaching materials. Therefore, during this period, 34 teachers, 5 pedagogical experts, and 6 digitization experts were engaged in designing and digitizing interactive learning materials in accordance with the curriculum framework and learning objectives. They completed 55 subjects in five respective directions: Food Technology, Economics and Business (Office Administration profile), Service of Transport Vehicles, Mechanics, and ICT. The digital learning content will be available on the MesoVet platform after February 2023.

An innovation introduced in the current academic year was the role of “Digital Focal Points” in partner providers of the “Skills for Jobs” project. This role aims to create the necessary conditions and relationships among all stakeholders so that the use of technology in education is internalized by everyone. When institutions are equipped with the necessary ICT infrastructure, the Digital Focal Point will provide support for the use of technology in teaching and managing the institution, as well as maintaining ICT infrastructure and assets, with the aim of sustainability.

During the period of March to June 2022, under the leadership of NAVETQ and NAES, with the support of the S4J and SD4E projects, and assisted by Prof. Urs Gröbhiel, Director of the Swiss Educational Innovation Network (SNBI) in Switzerland, the “e-VET Albania 2030 – A roadmap to ICT-supported modernization of Albanian VET” was drafted. This guide will serve as a basis for making informed decisions at the ministerial level regarding the sustainable use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to strengthen the Albanian VET system. In this context, the working group continued to draft an Action Plan for the Modernization and Digitalization of the VET System in Albania. The S4J team has created a questionnaire for all schools and VET centers to assess their current conditions and identify their plans and goals within the framework of modernization and digitalization.

The “e-VET Albania 2030 – A roadmap to ICT-supported modernization of Albanian VET” can be accessed through the link below:

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