Field visit in vocational ‘Hamdi Bushati’ school in Shkodra

Field visit in vocational ‘Hamdi Bushati’ school in Shkodra

For 6 decades now Swisscontact is dedicated to promoting skills development and strengthen vocational education systems in over 35 countries where it operates. During the last two years, ‘Skills for Jobs’ S4J has assisted the Albanian Line Ministry responsible for VET to support the transformation of 7 public VET providers.

To share lessons learned and reflect on how to improve the providers do to make the VET offer more relevant to the labour market, we are organizing field visits in each of these providers. If you are a private sector company representative or you work for a development project, if you are a school principal or a person in charge for business relations please make time and join us in the next field visit, on October 26th in ‘Hamdi Bushati’ vocational school in Shkodra.


The first visit in this framework was organized in May 2018. Representatives from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and from the German-Albanian Chamber of Commerce (DIHA) visited the vocational ‘Kolin Gjoka’ school in Lezha.

Visits in other S4J supported schools will be organized in the upcoming months. If you are interested in participating in any of these visits, please write to us in the following address [email protected]. The agenda for each visit will be shared with the interested parties by e-mail.

If you prefer to pay an individual visit to any of the institutions, please contact our team (above e-mail) or the institution directly in their Facebook pages (click on the below links).

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