Frymëso: An Online Community for VET

Frymëso: An Online Community for VET

From September 2020, ‘Skills for Jobs’ project has enabled ‘Frymëso’ Facebook group, an online environment to promote communities of practice for VET in Albania. This initiative arose from the need of teachers and other VET professionals to connect with each other at a time when they are facing challenges in combining different learning methods.

Vojsava Delilaj is a teacher at the vocational ‘Ali Myftiu’ school in Elbasan. She has over 16 years of work experience as a teacher in VET, after 14 years as a Mechanical Engineer in the production industry.

Vojsava describes challenges she has encountered during distance learning and support she had from ‘Frymëso’ group.

“The very name ‘Frymëso’ means ‘inspiration’. Thanks to this online community, VET teachers and instructors are no longer alone in their challenges; they now have a community and that is quite big.”

Vojsava Delilaj

‘Frymëso’ group gives VET teachers and instructors the opportunity to easily get in touch with each other, share experiences and discuss issues encountered during the academic year, without the need to be connected on social media.

“I am very active in the group, as this community inspires me with members’ accomplishments in their daily lives, the way they present them, the appreciation they show for each other, support for creativity, cooperation, love for the profession, and the desire to be better every day,” says Vojsava.

VET teachers are inspiring through their contribution to this online community by sharing professional activities, publishing daily and weekly achievements, important information, and activities such as those during European Skills Week 2020.

“There is a positive effect in young teachers, who are an important part of this community and are motivated and appreciated by more experienced colleagues. I notice much gratitude in these communications.”

Vojsava Delilaj

A good part of teachers, regardless of age, position or professional training, are involved in social networks and are updated with technology, which they have made an important part of their professional practice. On the other hand, the lack of infrastructure often makes this more difficult.

“It is important that technology and involvement in social networks is used by teachers to increase teaching performance and ensure inclusion, to receive and provide valuable information. Their primary task is to motivate, reflect values and quality of teaching, and project these values to young people to provide support for further development,” says Vojsava.

‘Skills for Jobs’ has also created a YouTube vlog for ‘Frymëso’ community, featuring and sharing best practices of teachers using innovative methods, as well as their messages and concerns, in order to inspire and raise discussions by group members.

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