Introducing Middle Manager in Hospitality: A New Qualification Addressing Tourism Sector Needs

Introducing Middle Manager in Hospitality: A New Qualification Addressing Tourism Sector Needs

With the increase in the number of tourists and investments in this sector, the need for specialists and technicians in the field is essential to support the labor market demands and to establish a sustainable model. A recent study on the professions and new professional skills required in the tourism industry in Albania highlights the need for a new qualification in the position of “Middle Manager in Hospitality.”

The National Agency of Education, Vocational Training, and Qualifications (NAEVTQ), supported by the “Skills for Jobs” project (S4J), is working to develop a new program, at the fifth level, known as the “post-secondary program,” which will be part of the Albanian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The first meeting of the working group for the development of the occupational standard was organized on March 11, 2024, with the participation of experts selected from the industry and experienced teachers from VET providers.

The meeting was moderated by Ejvis Gishti, General Director of NAEVTQ. “Offering vocational qualifications in line with economic and social changes, as well as the needs of the labor market, is part of our vision for VET. The ‘Skills for Jobs’ project has been an important partner of the agency for years in enabling the identification and development of new qualifications,” were Ejvis’s words.

“Tregtare” School in Vlora and Hamdi Bushati School in Shkodra are the first two VET institutions to implement this study program, as part of their commitment to providing an offer aligned with the needs of the labor market. The program will be offered in partnership with local businesses, in the form of cooperative training. Previously, for the fifth level of the Albanian Qualifications Framework, the “S4J” project contributed to the development of the qualification “Real Estate Mediation” and the update of “Diagnostic Management in Auto Service.”

For the deputy project manager of “Skills for Jobs,” Ms. Erka Çaro, “The rapid socio-economic transition requires an immediate response from VET institutions to provide relevant offer in response to labor market demands. In this regard, the ‘Skills for Jobs’ project, inspired by the Swiss model, has been committed for several years to contribute to the diversification of VET offer and their enhancement through close involvement of the private sector.“

The qualification “Middle Manager in Hospitality,” at the fifth level of AQF, as part of the National Catalog of Professional Qualifications, is expected to contribute to the empowerment of young people and employees aiming to improve their level of education to achieve a better position in the hotel sector. At the end of the program, participants will be awarded a professional certificate and the corresponding level supplement.

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