Leadership Role in Digital Transformation

Leadership Role in Digital Transformation

One of the strategic priorities of the “Skills for Jobs” project is the facilitation of the digital transformation and modernization of Vocational Education and Training in Albania. This initiative has also contributed to one of the important pillars of the National Strategy for Employment and Skills 2030, that of “Digitalization of VET”. In this context, the project is committed to ensuring the modernization of the teaching process, the capacity of teachers, managers, students, and the use of technology in teaching, etc.

In order to increase the capacities of the school principals in the management of the digital transformation of the school, in December 2022 the “Skills for Jobs” project developed a 3-day training on the topic “The role of leadership in the digital transformation of professional education”. The training was carried out by Emanuel A. Wuthrich, advisor at the Swiss Federal University for Vocational Education and Training (SFUVET).

The training was focused on strategies for fostering positive teaching mindsets, creating a positive culture and effective classroom communication, active learning strategies, change management, strategic planning, and communication.

In order to equip the participants with practical tools that they can use in their institutions to plan and implement digital initiatives, the participants worked in groups to create a “plan” for the digitalization of their schools for the coming year.

The participants evaluated the training as very effective and useful to address the current challenges and to have a positive approach regarding the digitalization and modernization of VET.

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