Modernizing VET: A Unified Commitment Among Stakeholders

Modernizing VET: A Unified Commitment Among Stakeholders

On September 27, Skills for Jobs in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Economy, organized a workshop aimed at addressing the needs and optimizing opportunities for the modernization of Vocational Education and Training in Albania. This endeavor brought together various donor agencies and projects dedicated to human capital development and employment in the country.

Invited stakeholders actively involved in VET seized the moment to share their contributions, insights, and perspectives. They engaged in discussions with the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the authors of the “e-Vet @Albania 203” roadmap, offering valuable suggestions to enhance the current VET approach.

The representatives unanimously embraced the potential of the roadmap to facilitate the exchange of experiences, enhance coordination among stakeholders, and bolster ongoing efforts to equip Albanian youth with the skills needed to make meaningful contributions to the country’s economy and society. The roadmap’s holistic approach provides a solid foundation for addressing key aspects of cost-effective ICT-supported modernization, fostering a synchronized and results-oriented effort.

The discussion highlighted the imperative of a collaborative and comprehensive approach to successfully usher in the digitalization of the VET system in Albania. Participants expressed their commitment to working in harmony to achieve shared objectives.

You can read the “e-Vet @Albania 203” Roadmap publication in this link.

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