More prizes & activities for students in s4j partner schools

More prizes & activities for students in s4j partner schools

Students’ participation in causes, initiatives and competitions within and outside the school is very important for their personal and professional development, as well as for nurturing a better school atmosphere.

That is why at ‘Skills for Jobs’ S4J, we encourage partner schools to keep an open eye and mind for national and international opportunities that can benefit to the future of the young professionals.

Let’s explore shortly the top student activities that happened in October!


Gastro Alb’ 2 – International Culinary Competition

37 students from 4 partner schools offering the Tourism & Hospitality vocational direction participated in the 2nd edition of the international culinary competition ‘Gastro Alb’ 2, which took place in Tirana from 25 to 27 October.

The competition was organized by SHUM Albania (Food and Welfare Association) and Albanian Chefs & Cooks Association, with participants from 20 countries of the region and beyond.

Students competed in 3 categories: ‘Cooking – Team’, ‘Cooking – Individual’ and ‘Pizza Maker’. ‘World Chef’ professionals in the jury awarded 12 prizes to the students from S4J supported schools:

  • ‘Hamdi Bushati’ vocational school in Shkodra: 1 Silver (Edsabion Kalej, Daniela Dodaj, Emanuela Hakaj) medal and 1 Bronze medal (Ermali Ethemi)
  • ‘Kolin Gjoka’ vocational school in Lezha: 1 Silver (Edona Doci) and 3 Bronze medals (Xhoana Gjonaj, Daja Ndoca, Alti Prenga)
  • ‘Kristo Isak’ vocational school in Berat: 1 Silver medal (Artjola Muçogllva, Marjana Shtepenja, Suljon Isufaj)
  • Tregtare vocational school in Vlora: 1 Gold medal (Sulçeniko Nikas), 1 Silver medal (Kevin Shimi) and 3 Bronze medals (Kevi Myrto, Luis Kapaj, Marjo Elmazaj)

Apart from the cooking competition, the students participated as audience in the ‘Cocktail Show’ organized by worldwide famous barmen and in the ‘Live Cooking Zone’ where ‘World Chef’ professionals prepared delicious recipes from each participant country. All students participating in the competition also received a diploma by ‘World Chef’.


An excursion to Razma: building a better school atmosphere with socialization activities

S4J partners schools are aware that a positive atmosphere and fostering a school belonging spirit goes a long way: as it makes school pleasant for students, it may affect preventing dropping out.

In this light, during October, ‘Hamdi Bushati’ school organized an excursion to the nearby touristic village of Razma, whose aim was to boost socialization among new coming students and creation of positive teacher-student relations. Icebreakers and socialization activities were the keywords of the day.


Code Days

From 17th to 19th of October, ‘Kolin Gjoka’ vocational school in Lezha, ‘Gjergj Canco’ school in Tirana and industrial ‘Pavaresia school in Vlora hosted ‘Code days’, an activity organized in the framework of the European Code Week (6 – 21 October).

Students’ Steering Committee members and students from 12th grade coordinated the activities in all 3 schools, which consisted in coding competitions, coding classes, code-based games, motivational stories of students in code, school tours, mostly organized for pupils of nearby 9th grade schools. Around 160 pupils participated in the activities and school tours and were really impressed by the program that the vocational school students had put together. Some even got certified for the activities they participated in.

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