‘New York plan 2010-2022 of the national strategy for employment and skills’ validated by line ministry in participatory workshop with public vet providers

In mid-February 2019, ‘Skills for Jobs’ supported the line ministry with the organization of a 2-day workshop, aiming at strengthening the cooperation between VET providing institutions and state institutions under the new Work Plan 2020-2022 of the National Strategy for Employment and Skills (SKPA 2014-2020).

This meeting brought together in an interactive format the leaders of 33 public VET providing institutions, representatives from the line ministry, the National Agency for Education, Vocational Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ), the National Employment Service (NES), ‘Skills for Jobs’ project (Swisscontact), SD4E project (UNDP) and field experts.

The workshop presented an excellent opportunity to undertake a thorough and comprehensive review of activities in the field of employment and labour market governance, focusing on strategic priorities, such as: encouraging decent employment opportunities through effective labour market policies and strengthening the governance of the labour market and qualifications.

This meeting initiated the establishment of an interactive platform which will foster dialogue between policy makers and VET providers to exchanges messages and viewpoints related to the opportunities and challenges.

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