COVID-19: Swisscontact Boosts Distant Learning In Albania

COVID-19: Swisscontact Boosts Distant Learning In Albania

Many educational institutions in Europe are closed due to COVID-19. One of the projects implemented by Swisscontact in Albania has turned these circumstances into an opportunity for boosting distant learning for students in professional education. The project “Skills for Jobs” is supporting partner institutions and all Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers in Albania with a digital learning platform.

Since 2016, ‘Skills for Jobs’ (S4J) focuses on skills development of youth and promoting employment opportunities in Albania. To make the VET offer accessible for students, the use of technology in the classroom has now been extended into the realm of distant learning.

In collaboration with the Albanian government, S4J customised, an online learning platform based on the open source software Moodle. The website has been made ready to compensate for the lack of in-class lessons due to closed schools. Mesovet serves as an all-inclusive temporary solution to help students and apprentices learn independently. The number of students using the tool is growing by the day. Special attention is paid to supporting students in their last year of study. Most teachers have been promptly reacting to the call of developing and making online learning materials available for all Albanian students in preparation for their exams.

Joint creation of up-to-date online learning content

All materials on the platform are based on learning plans. Additional practical materials recommended by industry experts have also been made available. This ensures that students’ training and education suffers as little as possible. The platform is updated daily and can be used for free. Meanwhile, teachers have been trained to upload content and to maximise the use of the platform. Apprentices also actively contribute to the digital learning solution by documenting workplace processes and procedures. This documentation is particularly useful for entry-level students.

Currently, several courses on tourism and hospitality are ready. To facilitate new ways of learning, the materials are interactive and include theory, case studies, graphics, videos, quizzes, vocabulary, games, class activities, homework as well as links for further information etc. ‘Skills for Jobs’ is soon launching new digital content on the topics of ICT and Electro-Technics.

Watch the Mesovet demo video:

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