A Great Start of the School Year for Vocational Schools

A Great Start of the School Year for Vocational Schools

“Skills for Jobs” partner VET providers started the school year with numerous activities for 10th grade students. Among them, we single out vocational Technical-Economic School of Tirana and vocational “Kolin Gjoka” school in Lezha.

Technical-Economic School of Tirana welcomed new students with an activity week, where they got acquainted with new facilities and school staff, visited schools’ partner companies, learned about successful employment experiences from senior students, had fun playing games while getting to know each other.

With S4J support, vocational “Kolin Gjoka” school welcomed new students with one week of theater and games. Students were entertained through various theater techniques to promote socialization, group work, imagination triggers, exploring the theater world by improvising scenes and creating stories.

The school also offered smartphones to 10th graders who would bring a friend to enroll in school. The gift was won by Anjeza Gilani, a student in “Social and Health Services” direction, who made her cousin, Bledjan, also enroll.

Anjeza Gilani

Anjeza tells us how she chose vocational “Kolin Gjoka” school.

“Some friends who were already studying here, told me they were very happy with the school. After I enrolled, I realized these were not just words. First, I love teachers and the way they deliver lessons in class. School rules are very clear, making things run smoothly. I really like the school environment, and I just hope to do well in the profession of my choice,”

Anjeza says.

This is exactly why she suggested the school to her cousin, Bledjan. He had no plans to start high school, so Anjeza invited him to enroll at “Kolin Gjoka” in the same direction as her, so that they could also help each other.

Anjeza talks about her favorite subject, apprenticeships, as she is looking forward to putting her knowledge in practice.

“Today we visited the regional hospital, polyclinic, maternity hospital, where we saw how nurses and doctors work. I would like to do my apprenticeship in the regional hospital, and I can’t wait for that! My biggest dream is to be a good nurse and to heal as many people as possible.”