Another Brick in the Wall for Construction Industry in Elbasan

Another Brick in the Wall for Construction Industry in Elbasan

It was the second year with no enrollments in the Construction profile at vocational “Ali Myftiu” school in Elbasan. Only 11 students in the 12th grade were studying in this direction. The school has difficulties in both delivering of the theoretical part as well as implementing apprenticeships in companies due to low interest of companies to be involved in institutions’ life and low levels of interest of youngsters in this direction.

On the other hand, in Elbasan region the construction industry (whether civil and industrial) prevails, with a boom of investments. During dialogue roundtables organized by Skills for Jobs, companies in the construction sector seemed to have challenges in:

  • Low qualification of staff in some functions or industry profiles;
  • Difficulties in finding new staff;
  • Immigration of workers (whether professionals or unskilled);
  • A need to make the industry more attractive to younger generations.

Organizing the event: “Who Will build your Vision?”

Actors in the system, including vocational “Ali Myftiu” school supported by S4J, the National Agency for Employment and Skills (NAES), Elbasan municipality and construction companies participated in a comprehensive event aiming to increase school visibility and interest of both students and companies.

The event took place in an open environment at school premises, just at the end of the academic year and the start of the student enrollment process for next academic year. The event was attended by representatives of important companies in the region, such as: KNAUF Albania and Kosovo, Delta Group, Luli Gips, Doko shpk, Theos, Poka, Inovess, Europa, Construction Association in Elbasan. Other stakeholders were present, such as: NAES, Employment Office in Elbasan, Deputy Mayor of Elbasan Municipality, and Skills for Jobs representatives.

All actors emphasized the lack of professional skills and human resources in this important and employment-generating industry in the region. It was concluded that the institution needs continuous collaboration and contact with companies, with the school serving as major supplier of human resources and qualified staff, NAES as a regulator and promoter of skills and employment, and the municipality as a promoter of this initiative at local level.

At the end of the activity, “Ali Myftiu” school invited all companies in the sector and actors for an ongoing dialogue in promoting and increasing the quality of its VET offer.

During June-September months, thanks to this event and work done by school staff, the objective of opening the first year (10th grade) in the Construction direction was overpassed with more than 16 enrolled students.

Since the beginning of the school year, 4 Memorandums of Understanding were signed with construction companies for year-round long-term apprenticeships, curricula development in specific modules, and providing professional literature.