Developing Communities of Practice in VET

Developing Communities of Practice in VET

Communities of practice serve to exchange experiences, help develop technical knowledge and create new bridges of cooperation. Skills for Jobs in collaboration with partner schools is building these communities with vocational schools in the country. Since November there have been several exchange visits between VE schools, mentioned shortly below.

During the Apprenticeships Week in November, the staff of Technical Economic School in Tirana paid a visit to vocational “Hamdi Bushati” school in Shkodra, focusing on organizing fairs and on the Development Unit work, while the staff of vocational “Salih Çeka” school visited the premises of Technical Economic School.

Industrial “Pavaresia” school in Vlora hosted staff members of vocational “Ali Myftiu” school, where they focused on the proactive role of apprenticeship instructors in career counseling, training and employment of students.

Commercial School in Vlora hosted staff members of vocational “Salih Çeka” school in its premises to discuss achievements and innovations from both sides.

Moreover, a program of exchanging experiences between Continuing Professional Development Coordinators and Curricula Development Coordinators has been set up to give them the opportunity to get acquainted with the practical side of this position, challenges, and the solutions to problems their colleagues have faced.

During December, CPD coordinators of schools and vocational centers in the country visited four Skills for Jobs’ partner schools and attended presentations by respective coordinators from vocational “Kristo Isak”, “Kolin Gjoka”, industrial “Pavaresia” and “Salih Çeka” schools. On the other hand, vocational “Hamdi Bushati” school hosted vocational schools in the region and other project partner schools to build communities of practice for Career Orientation Coordinators.

These exchange visits have resulted quite positive for schools’ staff. More visits will follow in February.