‘Skills for Jobs’ Phase I is slowly coming to an end. After 781 students successfully placed in apprenticeships, 336 businesses supporting VET institutions, 275 trained teacher and school staff, a record low drop-out rate of 9.3% and a promising trend for new enrolments in VET schools compared to our baseline, we are constantly thinking ‘What’s next?’.

Watch below ‘Skills for Jobs’ Phase I results until October 2018.

Watch here ‘Skills for Jobs’ Phase I results until October 2018.

Two very important events that impact the continuity of our project took place in mid-October.

Capitalization of S4J main products

For three days in October, S4J team members gathered in a workshop to define the main S4J concepts and products for capitalization.

This was only the start of a long-term exercise; whose final objective is to create a proper package of the processes and instruments that the project has piloted in seven Albanian public VET institutions. The outputs will be very helpful for scaling-up the project in the next phase, as well as for improving work efficiency when implementing similar initiatives in new providers.

Validation Workshop for Phase II

Following the round of consultations in September, representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the National Employment Service, the National Agency for VET and Qualifications, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, partner VET providers, collaborators from the private sector and S4J management team gathered in October to validate the proposed key intervention lines for phase II of ‘Skills for Jobs’.

Inputs gathered from all parties were useful to obtain a clear insight for the upcoming phase. The workshop proved to be an important milestone for designing Phase 2 and to get a clear understanding that the development of the VET sector depends importantly on cooperation with businesses.

The Phase II Project Document draft was finalized and shared with SDC and line ministry in late November. We’re already looking forward to our next phase!