During May-June 2019, “Skills for Jobs” (S4J) supported the development of Strategy Documents and Action Plans for partner VET providers. This process was largely driven by observations from joint initiatives implemented in the 1st phase of the project, feedback from partner providers and most importantly, findings from self-assessment process (2019-20 academic year).

With the aim of assisting a more structured approach both internally and externally, S4J planned the methodology of Strategic Planning for VET providers incorporating a bottom-up approach at its core. This was presented to all personnel in individual sessions for each provider, followed by the selection of working groups.

A series of sessions were delivered during two and a half working days from 9-12 June 2019. A total of approximately 40 managers and teachers participated in the process. All seven groups worked under the support and facilitation of S4J staff (2 per each group), following the same set of planned activities – this with the aim of attaining a level of coherence on the process yet maintaining their unique perspectives in identifying their mid-term priorities and objectives.

The result was a set of consolidated documents that reflected the vision and way forward of each institution (scroll down for documents, Albanian only). They also will inform the design of Action Plans to facilitate the adequate implementation of strategies.

Working Strategically will become a driving motto for partner providers and S4J team, with particular emphasis on the importance of adequate planning. The methodology and tools utilised are being reviewed with the aim of attaining a consolidated mechanism that could be replicated for VET providers across the sector in the future.

Strategic Planning Documents: