Towards a VET Offer that is Oriented by the Market and Institutional Data

Towards a VET Offer that is Oriented by the Market and Institutional Data

A Market Oriented VET Offer

S4J continues to support the National Agency for Education, Vocational Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ) in drafting occupational standards and describing qualifications for all profiles in ICT and Electrical Engineering directions in close collaboration with private sector professionals.

Drafting occupational standards for Multimedia profile
Drafting occupational standards for Office Administrator profile

Among new profiles are: Programming and Multimedia for ICT direction and Mechatronics under Electrotechnics direction. In April, a working group was set up to draft a standard for the Office Administrator profession as a new profile in Business-Economics direction. These profiles reflect labor market demands for qualifications in these professions, and vocational schools can offer them starting from 2021-2022 school year.

Using Organizational Data to Successfully Plan for AY2021-2022

To enable a well-planned and participatory process related to the curricula for the next school year, during March-April S4J facilitated a series of meetings with Development Unit heads and coordinators in partner schools. Discussions and decision-making on the offer were informed from the performance of graduates in the labor market (taken from tracer data at the provider level), industry needs for skills based on roundtables and business consultations, apprenticeships vacancies in business partners, as well as administrative data of VE institutions.

This process of structuring and using different sources of information for yearly planning represents a change in the institution’s approach based on evidence and participation.