Towards Employment: New Collaborations with Prestigious Companies

Towards Employment: New Collaborations with Prestigious Companies

Vocational ‘Gjergj Canco’ School and ‘Timak’ Company

This school year, vocational ‘Gjergj Canco’ school started partnership with ‘Timak’, a company that has so far accepted 12 students for apprenticeships. Timak is one of the leading companies in the production of machinery and superstructures, offering high quality services in 16 countries. It is active in four main business areas: production of solar equipment parts, construction-machinery for roads, production of machinery for municipalities and production of equipment and machinery for highways.

The founder of the company, Arjeta Puca, is one of the few women who run such a business, and moreover wishes to hire as many women as possible. One of these girls is Eliana, a 13th grade ICT student at vocational ‘Gjergj Canco’ school, currently having her apprenticeship at Timak as a Graphic Designer. Arjeta and Mirela, Business Relations Manager at ‘Gjergj Canco’ school, spoke about this collaboration at A2 CNN channel.

“As our company is in great need of professionals, we want them to gain experience with us so we don’t always have to be in search for them. We want to hire as many girls as possible because they are more detail-oriented and do a cleaner job. I am very pleased with ‘Gjergj Canco’ school students. I have returned from Turkey to contribute for my country, and these students makes me extremely happy,”

says Arjeta.

Technical Economic School Tirana and ‘Remax’ company

The prestigious ‘Remax Concept’ company has joined business partnerships of Technical Economic School Tirana. The company is a franchise of the nr. 1 Real Estate company in the world, Remax, offering real estate sale consulting and evaluation throughout Albania and Kosovo. Since 2018, the vision of Remax Concept has been providing quality consulting and professional service in this field, as well as investing continuously in staff development and training. In this context, the company has also invested in training through apprenticeships for 38 students in the Economy-Business direction, Trade profile. The apprenticeship modules attended by students have been adapted into a capacitation program developed according to international standards.

On A2 CNN morning show spoke Elona Hoxha, Business Relations Coordinator at the school, students and apprentices Roni Shahini and Xhuliano Pole, and Juliana Nela, founder of Remax Concept.

“The main reasons we make our staff, offices and time available to apprentices, are: firstly, reaching market emancipation with a service that is similar or the same as that of the countries in the region; secondly, educating the younger generation with a relatively new profession in the Albanian market; and finally identifying individuals with potential and desire to work in this sector, to finally hire them. We have identified great individuals from the school, who bring new energy and suggestions; and soon we will start their employment process,”

says Juliana Nela.