“Real Estate Mediation”: A New Post-Secondary Program

“Real Estate Mediation”: A New Post-Secondary Program

With the participation of the National Agency for Vocational Education and Qualifications (NAVETQ), representatives of the real estate sector, and the Technical-Economic School in Tirana, S4J held a Round Table Discussion on the need for professions and skills in the real estate sector. The study that analyzed the needs of the labor market for this sector recommended the development of a post-secondary qualification with a professional character. The study can be accessed here:


After validating the study, NAVETQ with the support of S4J designed the 2-year program in close cooperation with representatives of the private sector. The Ministry of Finance and Economy approved the “Real Estate Mediation” program as Level V in the Albanian Framework of Qualifications. The “Technical-Economic” School in Tirana and the “Salih Ceka” School in Elbasan are the first two schools that started offering the post-secondary program for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Post-secondary programs oriented towards the demand of the labor market, targeting both general and vocational education graduates, have the potential to reduce youth inactivity and achieve better and sustainable employment. S4J is also supporting NAVETQ to update the post-secondary program “Diagnostic & Management in Auto-service” with the participation of the private sector.

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