S4j partner vet providers host the week for apprenticeships 2018     •

S4j partner vet providers host the week for apprenticeships 2018 •

In the framework of the European Vocational Skills Week 2018, from 5 to 9 November, S4J partner VET providers hosted the ‘Week for Apprenticeships’. For the second year in a row,  vocational schools and the vocational training center organized a series of activities, aiming to raise awareness of the wide range of opportunities that VET offers in Albania, and to promote the importance of apprenticeships in business to further develop the skills of students and trainees.

More than 1500 students, teachers, parents, business representatives and students from secondary education schools participated in the activities.

47 different activities, including conferences, success stories, teacher and student exchange visits, company visits, cooperation with more businesses, competitions and students’ activities were organized by the providers in 5 different cities of Albania. As part of the process to match students with businesses, some of the schools hosted apprenticeship interviews.

During the week’s activities, 36 new Memorandums of Understanding were signed between private sector companies and VET institutions. Balfin Group, Deloitte, Smartwork, Gjeo-Vjosa, the Transmission System Operator, Iceberg Communications, Prince Adriatic Resort, etc. were some of the new business that joined the VET network. Soon, these companies will start providing apprenticeships and GSD schemes to school students.

Take a quick look at the activities that each school organized in the following video.


Make sure not to miss the activities organized by S4J supported institutions during the week!

‘Hamdi Bushati’ vocational school in Shkodra


‘Kolin Gjoka’ vocational school in Lezha


‘Gjergj Canco’ vocational school in Tirana


‘Kristo Isak’ vocational school in Berat


Commercial school in Vlora


Industrial ‘Pavaresia’ school in Vlora


Vocational Training Centre in Vlora


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