‘Skills for jobs’ s4j selected to present in the international VET congress

‘Skills for jobs’ s4j selected to present in the international VET congress

The International Congress on Vocational and Professional Education and Training offers a platform for the players in international cooperation in VPET to engage in open dialogue and share good practices. The Congress is the most important event dedicated to VET in Switzerland and beyond. It provides global networking and expertise transfer opportunities, promoting bilateral and multilateral cooperation and the status of vocational and professional education and training throughout the world.

The 3rd edition of the congress will take place from 6-8 June 2018 in Winterthur, Switzerland. High officials and practitioners form different countries will attend the event. From Albania, the conference will be attended by Ministry of Finance and Economy delegation led by Ms. Sorensen, representatives of international donors, ‘Skills for Jobs’ S4J members and representatives from supported VET providers.

‘Skills for Jobs’ S4J is one of the six winning projects that were selected to present and participate in the joint discussions. Henry Leerentveld, Swisscontact Eastern Europe Regional Director and ‘Skills for Jobs’ S4J Project Director will hold a presentation on ‘Training Opportunities – Increasing Flexibility in VPET’ entitled ‘New Ways of Learning for employable youth in Albania – ‘Skills for Jobs’ S4J, the project that is revolutionising VET in Albania’.

 The focus of the session will be on the view of the structural changes taking place in our economy. It is essential to make the education system and its training opportunities more flexible and so increase access for a wide range of target groups and individuals. Concepts such as skills-oriented modularisation, horizontal and vertical permeability and lifelong learning are well-known. But what can VPET do in concrete terms to keep abreast of change? Has lifelong learning become an integral part of the VPET system? What regional or national initiatives exist to promote greater flexibility? And what can we learn from future-oriented training programmes in different countries?

Learn more on the Congress on Vocational and Professional Education and Training in this link.

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