Higher Employment and Income Rates Among VET Graduates

Higher Employment and Income Rates Among VET Graduates

As yearly, ‘Skills for Jobs’ project prepared the tracer report for 2019 graduates from partner VET providers. It features data from the performance of graduates in the job market 1 year after graduation.

This report shows positive trends in terms of employability and income of VET graduates, as well as an improvement in the overall image of VET in Albania.

The number of youngsters who graduate from 6 partner schools has increased by about 30% compared to year 2016.

The percentage of graduates who are employed (12 months after graduation) has increased by 17% (from 34% for graduates in 2016 to 51% for graduates in 2019). The number of young professionals contributing to Albanian companies from these 6 schools has doubled.


More VET graduates in the first year of work are receiving higher salaries. The most interesting development is observed in the high salaries group (over 50,000 Lekë ALL), which for 2019 graduates has reached 24% (average salary in the 2nd semester of 2020 was 44,945 ALL).

Better performing students are enrolling in partner providers. In AY2020-2021 the primary school average grade of students enrolling in
Grade 10 was 7.29 compared to 6.25 in AY2017-2018.

Meanwhile, 86% of 2019 VET graduates say they would choose the same school.