Study visit to Switzerland for vet stakeholders

Study visit to Switzerland for vet stakeholders

At ‘Skills for Jobs’ S4J we value the Swiss Vocational Education and Training (VET) System as an excellent example of integrating vocational education into building a strong economy.

A delegation composed of Ministry of Finance and Economy specialists, school directors, school Development Unit staff, business representatives, development organizations working in the VET domain (UNDP) participated in a Study Tour in Switzerland from June 3rd to 7th to get to learn about the Swiss VPET system.

During the 5-day visit had a chance to visit companies offering apprenticeships to young people, vocational education schools and training centres, Career Centre specialists and policy-makers in the VET domain. This is the third group to attend a study-visit to Switzerland in the framework of ‘Skills for Jobs’ S4J project.

During a wrap-up sessions participants discussed about concrete steps each could undertake to introduce some of the elements they find interesting in their everyday work, primarily focusing on: intensifying the exchange between companies and VET providers, involving businesses in students’ assessment; adapt general education subjects to be applicable for the profession students study; initiate an awareness raising campaign for companies on the collaboration possibilities with the VET providers.

Read the full conclusions of the June Study Tour in this link.



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