The Story of Mihal from Moldova, a Successful Student of “Tregtare” School in Vlora

The Story of Mihal from Moldova, a Successful Student of “Tregtare” School in Vlora

I am Mihal Paramovov. From the first moment when I arrived in Albania, in April 2021 as a tourist, I felt like I belonged in this country. After long vacations in the beautiful city of Vlora with my parents, returning to Moldova was not very exciting or nostalgic. We missed the beautiful weather, the seashore, and the fresh air of the city of Vlora. So, we decided to return to live in Albania.

We had a lot of dilemmas about my academic journey, but after meeting Professor Aranit, my choice was very easy. Professor Aranit explained to me the values, virtues, and opportunities offered by the “Tregtare” School in Vlora. I chose the “Tregtare” School without much hesitation, and I think it was the best decision I could have made. “Tregtare” School made me feel at home in my academic journey, even though I was in a completely foreign country. The teachers and professors are a very special asset of the “Tregtare” School and I really appreciate their support and mentorship during my career. I chose the vocational direction Economy-Business because my parents have a tourist agency and this direction will give me the opportunity to help them in their private business.

I was very surprised by the willingness of the teachers and professors of the “Tregtare” School, for allocating all the students to apprenticeships. The “Tregtare” Schoo is supported by the “Skills for Jobs”, a project of the Swiss Development Agency, and we are often part of their activities and organizations.

In the summer of 2021, I started my first job at my parents’ business, where I worked as a guide on a cruise ship. It was very exciting for me and even though I was in my parents’ business I had the responsibility and desire to do the work in the best way possible.

Currently, I am doing an apprenticeship at “Hotel Regina City” in Vlora. I am very satisfied with all the knowledge I have received. I am also realizing that all the information we have received in school will be very useful for my career journey.

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