‘Tregtare’ school teams up with vlora municipality to promote tourism

‘Tregtare’ school teams up with vlora municipality to promote tourism

In the eve of the new academic year, ‘Tregtare’ school in Vlora in collaboration with the Vlora municipality choose an amazing way to promote the Tourism & Hospitality direction: an open air event featuring top quality albanian artists!

The event organized on 5th of September in the Lungomare square gathered thousands of Vlora citizens and tourists of all ages.

“Dear parents, the years after elementary school define the future of your children. Directing them to a vocational high school is a fantastic opportunity for both boys and girls. It provides them a profession and employment perspective, practical training in business, skills and self-confidence, and allows them to go to university once they graduate,” said Mrs. Shpresa Saliaj, director of ‘Tregtare’ school.

Watch the opening remarks of the event in the video below.

“This year, the city of Vlora experienced the most successful touristic season in 25 years. But one of the things we still must improve is the service industry. For this reason, collaboration between schools and businesses should reach a higher level,” emphasized Mr. Dritan Leli, Mayor of Vlora Municipality.

Mr. Leli also thanked the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vlora for assisting the school in building strong relationships with local businesses.

 ‘Tregtare’ school staff and students had thought about everything: from the music to the selected finger food, prepared for the event in collaboration with businesses that support the school and their apprentices.

‘We have a fruitful collaboration with ‘Tregtare’ school and this is mainly due to the school teachers who are committed to provide practical training for students. I urge parents to enrol their children in vocational schools, schools that provide a safe future, because with a profession they will always have an open door in their life,” said Mr. Arjol Sherri, owner of “Arjoli” patisserie.

The amazing Era Rusi, Orgesa Zajmi, Land Kademi & Band fascinated the audience with their thrilling on stage performance.



As tourism is the main economic sector in the Vlora region, the Tourism & Hospitality direction offered by the school plays a great importance in preparing the future professionals that will serve the industry. From 2016, the school collaborates with 61 local companies and businesses that provide apprenticeships for 126 students.

Other S4J partner VET schools are also preparing activities for the start of the new academic year. Follow the schools in their social networks to learn more.


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