VE Schools’ Open Days with Business Partners

VE Schools’ Open Days with Business Partners

After several months of inability to conduct field activities, S4J partner providers launched a series of ‘open doors’ activities with middle school students, businesses, other partners and collaborators. The private sector is contributing in the promotion of vocational education as well as to the career guidance of students.

We have briefly summarized two of these activities below.

Vocational “Gjergj Canco” school in Tirana held an ‘open day’ in May entitled ‘Girls in ICT’, focused on promoting ICT to middle school students (mostly girls) in the capital (‘Fan Noli’ school and ‘Red’ school). These students got acquainted with the school staff, students and their projects, directions, high-tech laboratories, while holding open classes with 4 companies operating in the ICT field (Albanian Business Partner, New Media Communications, Iceberg Communication & Dominusoft), 3 of which were represented by females. In addition, 11th grade students of ‘Gjergj Canco’ school followed a career guidance and counseling class by business representatives, where they informed students about opportunities for long-term apprenticeships and employment in the most prestigious companies in the city.

Vocational ‘Kolin Gjoka’ school in Lezha opened doors with an activity that gathered many friends and associates. The school hosted middle school students, alumni, parents, businesses, representatives of the Regional Directorate of Employment and the Municipality of Lezha, and many other regional actors. Middle school students and parents learned more about vocational education, profiles offered by the school, infrastructure and partner companies. Guests enjoyed the food fair prepared by Hospitality-Tourism and Food Technology direction students. For the first time during such events, instructors in companies certified best apprentices. Some of the businesses participating in the activity were: ‘Mrizi i Zanave’ agritourism, ‘Rapsodia’ restaurant, ‘Ara’ restaurant, Rafaelo Resort, ‘Detari’ restaurant, ‘Hoteli i Gjuetisë’ and Lezha branch of the Albanian Post.

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