Welcoming 10th grade students in vocational schools with information and positive atmosphere

Welcoming 10th grade students in vocational schools with information and positive atmosphere

Do you remember your first day at high school?

The first few days of high school are a crucial period to set the tone about the rest of the studies. It is especially important for the new students, who need to feel welcomed, safe and integrated in the new school.

Leaving behind familiar settings, many 10th grade students, feel shy from the new environment, or confused from the new rules, workload, the new teachers or peers. Some students may not yet be clear about the chosen vocational direction and career prospects that it offers.

To put students’ feelings at ease and foster the creation of a spirit of belonging to the school, ‘Skills for Jobs’ (S4J) supported vocational schools in organizing a warm welcome for freshmen students. Development Unit teachers, room teachers and school psychologists played a great role in coordinating several activities for the first two weeks of school.

Aiming at providing 10th grade students with an atmosphere of integration, the activities included presentation of the schools’ vision, programs, Development Unit, school psychologists and vocational directions (career orientation). Senior students complemented the activities by making a speech on school life. Room teachers ensured a class spirit through icebreakers and introduction of each student.

Several events marked the first two weeks of school start. ‘Tregtare’ school participated in a fair for the National Cultural Heritage Day with traditional dishes prepared by students in the Hospitality & Tourism direction.

‘Hamdi Bushati’ students participated in The Style Museum: Ethno Vibes, a sophisticated fashion event combining photography and ethnography. The white and black dress prepared by the students of Textile Program inspired by a Marubi photo was well received by fashion designers. It was a fantastic occasion for a public vocational school to get recognition among famous fashion designers.

In the first week of school, the tracer lottery winners were selected among students that graduated S4J partner schools. When picking up their gift in schools, they shared with first year students their employment experiences.

Successful alumni and representatives from partner businesses will visit the school as guest speakers in the upcoming weeks to share their experience with the new students.



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