When Apprenticeship Leads to Employment

When Apprenticeship Leads to Employment

For about one year, Pronatyra Conad (franchise of Conad supermarket chain) cooperates with Technical-Economic school in Tirana by accepting Business-Economics direction students in apprenticeships.

During this year, 13 students have had their apprenticeship in the company, including Zoje Stafa and Endri Çelmeta, 13th grade students in the ‘Trade’ profile. Both students are success stories, hired by the company part-time.

In an interview in A2 CNN TV channel morning show, the two students, their teacher Linda Haxhiaj, and Eriona Ibërshimi Abazi, Recruitment and Staff Manager at Pronatyra Conad, tell us more about this experience.

“My passion is Economics and for this reason I have chosen Technical-Economic school in Tirana. I really enjoyed my experience in the apprenticeship and I benefitted much from it,”


“We are not only glad to offer apprenticeships to students in our company; we rather have a longer-term vision. Since the beginning, we have made it clear to apprentices that our company is open for their future employment as well as career advancement opportunities. I feel lucky to have worked with 13 students of this school and I feel it is my mission to share my experience with other companies,”

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