‘Winter school’ by ‘s4j academy’ – an amazing platform for sharing and growing (professionally)

‘Winter school’ by ‘s4j academy’ – an amazing platform for sharing and growing (professionally)

For nearly three years now, ‘Skills for Jobs’ project is working closely with seven VET providers, supporting them with a series of processes aimed at the transformation of the VET institutions. During this period, the project has accumulated in-depth knowledge of the VET system and the way in which VET institutions operate, drawing a series of valuable lessons. During the second phase (starting May 2019), the project will focus on transferring this experience and lessons learned to all VET providers in Albania through a facilitating approach.

In February, the ‘Skills for Jobs’ team supported the creation of a platform for sharing the expertise and experience of various actors in the VET ecosystem. The project aims to turn this platform into an authentic academy – the ‘Skills for Jobs’ Academy – in order to encourage critical thinking among actors in the VET system. In the framework of the Academy, the project is expected to support several activities, such as magazines, national awards, schools and thematic tables, conferences, trainings, etc. in the next 4 years (2019-2023).

The Winter School ‘Reforming the VET System: The Transformation of VET Providing Institutions’ marks the first activity of the Academy. From 21 to 23 February, more than 150 representatives from S4J partner VET providers (directors, teachers, instructors, psychologists) and directors of all VET providing institutions in Albania, participated in the Winter School in Golem.

A vivid panel discussion between three key actors of the VET system (the line ministry, VET providers and development projects) served as an introduction for the thematic discussions that followed on the next two days. The five main sessions were dedicated to: a. the collaboration between VET providers and partner institutions (focusing not only on private sector); b. the diversification of the VET offer; c. the transformative role of the teacher; d. apprenticeships in businesses; c. leadership of VET institutions and change management. ‘Transformation starts from within’ was one of the key messages embraced by the participants of the Winter School.

Interested to learn the conclusions of the constructive discussions? Click here to download the final presentations from each group.’


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