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Motivated, energetic professionals eager to improve their personal development and make a tangible contribution to the community, this is the S4J team! We believe that teamwork and close collaboration with partner institutions and other stakeholders is the formula for success.

If you wish to have a sustainable impact on vocational education and training and on the employment of young people in Albania, contact us!

Intervention Line Manager

Opportunities for collaboration

Project Consultants

Our consultants work closely with the project team to get informed about our activities and become familiar with our work culture. We search for the best experts in various fields; people who share with us their commitment and enthusiasm to achieve project goals.


The traineeship program provides the opportunity for young professionals to learn by developing creative projects and make a concrete contribution to the project outcomes. Over a period of 4 months, trainees have the opportunity to work with ‘Skills for Jobs’ team in two phases:

  • First phase: Trainees get to know project activities and goals.
  • Second phase: They have the opportunity to select specific tasks and work with team members to accomplish them.

The program helps us develop valuable models for companies and improve the integration process of the new employees in a company. If you are a young professional, looking for an exciting and beneficial work experience for your career, contact us!

Project Collaborators

To carry out project activities, we need companies or collaborative organizations with expertise in various fields.